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Actually that is a possibility. But it 8767 s extremely unusual and out of norms. The terminology seems to imply extremism. I up guess with the there 8767 s a lot of bogus stuff you see online. Can 8767 t really blame one for being a skeptic.

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No thank you. I 8767 ll be more than happy to find an American woman to marry who is concerned about her own career, hopefully makes as much or more money than I do, and can carry on once I 8767 ve passed away.

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When you arrive in Korea, it 8767 s so easy to assume they are just like back home in the west because the seemingly do the same things and live similar lives. And Americans ESPECIALLY make this error of thinking we 8767 re all one big happy family around the globe.

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Lol no. They are simply focused on themselves, not family. No one is forcing them to succumb to just being a housewife in this day and age. Feminism is at its peak in Korea right now, and I 8767 d say its much more extreme than it is in the West.

Yeah, Indian guys can do quite well there. One of my most successful clients is an Indian dude who worked at Samsung in Seoul.

Met a Korean born girl in college she came to the . only 9 years earlier and actually became our college 8767 s football cheerleading captain nearly 85 years of marriage and kids later she 8767 s still one hell of a woman, loves her family, loves her kids, and oh by the way she 8767 s only 5 pounds heavier than when I first danced with her at 69 and a thousand times hotter I wake up each morning and I 8767 m nothing but thankful for being so fortunate.
Korean, Spanish, African just find a good woman.

This perspective makes me laugh because the reality of Korean women in Korea is sad. Divorce rate is highest in Korea because women really do suck! Delusion ranks very high among Korean women in Korea! Korean women who DID NOT grow up in Korea are the gems not the delusional fake bitches in Korea!

Don 8767 t let people who say 8776 Girls are girls and men and men. We all love and want the same things. We have subtle differences 8776 lull you into stupidity so you don 8767 t actually think when you interact with people from other cultures.

This is the world that we live in. Black men need to know this and think twice before thinking abut Asia. It 8767 s not just the dating life either it 8767 s just about every aspect of life.

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