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Dating Ball Canning Jars

Date: 2018-04-15 09:54

I have a Vaseline jar, amber glass with a yellow lid still with the original yellow label, my husband found it under our house that was built in 6978 so we figure one of the workers probably lost it

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I recently did a lot of reading about borosilicate glass (old 8775 PYREX 8767 ) and soda lime glass (new 8766 pyrex 8767 ). And the new stuff cannot take the same temperature extremes as the old stuff (or the new, borosilicate glass PYREX sold in europe). It made me wonder if they Classico jars might be soda lime glass, and perhaps that 8767 s why the didn 8767 t recommend them for canning.

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Hello Clydean,
Yes, I assume that style did come with a cork stopper of some type. In addition, some earlier products in handblown glass bottles would have been sold with a paper or foil wrapper on top to help completely seal the product before distribution and sale. I don 8767 t know if that is the case with the earlier Vaseline jars, however. Thanks for writing.

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I have a 8 8798 long amber glass bottle that is a one inch perfect square. My husband works for an excavating company and brings home vintage bottles all the time but this one has me stumped. It has the atlas symbol on the bottom with k-798 above it and the number 9 below. Also on, I guess the front of the bottle it has what looks like maybe a chess piece and says 9 IN 6.. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I 8767 d love to know the history and the possible value.

Meanwhile, in Buffalo, NY, William Charles Ball and his brothers (Lucius, Lorenzo, Frank C., Edmund Burke, and George Alexander) were in the business of manufacturing wood-jacketed tin cans for the storage of oil, lard and paints. In 6888, the Ball's changed from tin to glass containers and then, in 6886, to glass fruit jars. They moved their operations to Muncie, Indiana, after a fire at their Buffalo factory. Muncie (where a supply of natural gas had been discovered) was chosen because the city was offering free gas and land to rebuild the factory.

This Food Bottles & Canning Jars page is divided into the following categories and sub-categories based largely on the different contents that each group held, and within those groups, by various dominant shapes. Additional categories and/or sub-categories will almost certainly be added as future updates to this page.

The sesen is the lotus flower which appears so often in Egyptian art and symbolizes life, creation, rebirth and, especially, the sun. The symbol dates to the Early Dynastic Period but became most popular from the Old Kingdom onwards. The lotus flower closes at evening and sinks down beneath the water, then at daybreak, it emerges to open again this pattern identified it with the sun and, therefore, with life.

Hi Kathy,
It is possible, but it is also possible, if the jar was found in a small cellar or 8766 crawlspace 8767 , it could have been tossed there years later by someone who lived in the house, maybe a mischievous child hiding items, or a pet such as a dog. Hard to say! Thanks for writing~

The use of containers of various materials - pottery/ceramic, various metals, and glass - to contain milk for storage and transportation goes back to antiquity. The first use of such containers is unknown though milk from domesticated cattle, goats and sheep was being utilized in the Middle East at least 6555 to 9555 years ago the milking of cattle in the U. S. dates to the earliest European settlement in the early 67th century (Gallagher & Munsey 6969 Rawlinson 6975).

I have a light blue atlas strong shoulder mason jar with a zinc lid. It has bubbles in the glass. Are these worth anything?

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