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He 8767 s 655% right about how men are. Just because you don 8767 t like how men are doesn 8767 t mean he 8767 s wrong for telling you how they are it just means you want to disagree because you don 8767 t like it.

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The opposite of the 8775 needy 8776 woman, according to Rori Ray, is what she calles a 8775 Siren 8776 , whom she describes like this:
8775 A Siren knows that what a man craves is EMOTION. Emotion that he can 8767 t find in himself. Emotion that will make him feel like a whole man. A man is used to what he thinks of as 8766 drama 8767 in a woman and Emotion is something completely different than drama. Emotion is the missing piece for a man 8776 .

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8) If you 8767 re unreactive and the guys still try to strongarm you, leave it up to her to fix while framing them negatively.

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FWIW, I find that generally provides an honest, intelligent insight into the male mind, AND it 8767 s free.

If you 8767 re not doing the above or they 8767 re not doing it to you, IT AIN 8767 T LOVE. I 8767 m terrified at the people who are confused about that and are still *setting the standard* for dating behavior. Freaky!

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Not that there isn 8767 t a ton of great perspective and its all about everyone 8767 s own opinion on all this dating babel BS. Be yourself, have a life or a job or a hobby, even better a career (career can be many things), stop over thinking EVERYTHING, and leave the drama at the door and BE selective, don 8767 t settle.

My, oh my Thank you so much for finding and providing the link to that info. The most telling thing about it is that he refers to the catch him and keep him website and the Christian Carter persona as a marketing tool directed at female consumers that have earned him millions of dollars. There 8767 s no mention of helping others or improving our understanding of each other or any other minutely altruistic intentions. It 8767 s clearly just a huge money making machine Any man who preys on women 8767 s insecurities as a way o line his own pockets isn 8767 t someone from whom I 8767 m inclined to take dating/life advice.

Baby, checks in the mail, it 8767 s only a cold sore, I 8767 ll respect you in the morning, condo 8767 s are selling fast on Three Mile Island... it 8767 s a seller 8767 s dream, I won 8767 t cum in your mouth, don 8767 t worry about birth control I cannot get pregnant, no you don 8767 t have to worry about a condom... do I look like someone that would have AIDS or herpes have you ever been told and believed any of the above? Just wondering since you believe 8775 these people GENUINELY care and are trying to help people 8776 ... help seperate them from their money and genuinely care if the check/credit card funds clear the bank!!!!!

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