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Люди растут, как и растения, некоторые в свете, другие в тени. Есть многие, кому нужна тень, а не свет.

– Карл Густав Юнг. "Красная книга"


Artist : Johann Georg Meyer (German , 1813 - 1886)
Title : The little scholar.
Date : 1865
Medium : oil on canvas
Dimensions : 43 x 30,5 cm ; (16,9 x 12 in.)
Current location : Private collection.

Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen (28 October 1813 Bremen, Germany - 4 December 1886 Berlin), commonly known as Meyer von Bremen, was a German painter who specialized in Biblical, peasant, and family scenes.


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И наш капитан Росс победил во вчерашнем опросе Radio Times! 😊
Вот двадцатка телегероев, с кем зрители мечтают пойти на свидание:
Top 20 Dream TV Valentine’s Day Dates❤❤
Ross Poldark – Poldark
Jamie Fraser – Outlander
The Doctor – Doctor Who
Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock
Amy Pond – Doctor Who
Tommy Shelby – Peaky Blinders
Captain Jack Harkness – Doctor Who/Torchwood
Claire Fraser – Outlander
DI Alec Hardy – Broadchurch
Captain James – Our Girl
Dana Scully – The X Files
Demelza Poldark – Poldark
Fox Mulder – The X Files
Jon Snow – Game of Thrones
DCI John Luther – Luther
Rose Tyler – Doctor Who
Athos – The Musketeers
Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones
Clara Oswald – Doctor Who
Adam Sackler – Girls
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The last speaker of the first NU Public Debate is the professor who has deep knowledge of political theory, therefore, has a lot to talk about. Meet:

Professor Lee Shu-Shan!

Professor Lee is an Assistant Professor at PSIR department of School of Humanities and Social Sciences. His research interests include Confucian political philosophy, Chinese politics, theories of political obligation, comparative political theories, and interview studies of the political ideas of ordinary people.

Date: Friday, February 16
Venue: 8.154
Time: 7PM

We are sure that Professor Lee will amaze you with the implication of his deep knowledge in debating!


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