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Date: 2018-02-12 01:05

The formation of Agate is most often from deposition of layers of silica filling voids in volcanic vesicles or other cavities.

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Sandstone frequently forms discrete blocks and spherical shapes [concretions] which would appear to be ideal closed systems for the development of Liesegang Rings.

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This is because the proposed first depositional band [the outer band of white agate] that is meant to have initially coated the inside of the hollow geode has evidently blocked both the entry and exit channels [with white agate] so that no more layers could have been deposited in this manner.

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This is a photograph of one of the broken spheres showing rings of an iron mineral called goethite (hydrated iron oxide). We have enough information to make an interpretation.

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…development can only rarely be dated on the basis of a sequence of levels at one site alone. Instead, an important role is played by the comparison of different sites, starting with the assumption that what is simpler and technically less accomplished is older. In addition to this type of…

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Absolutely great article. Well written and understandable. I just had someone tell me that the rings in my Stromatolites were due to Liesegang Banding. I knew they weren 8767 t, but wanted to study up on this phenomena.

Another discordant note is the vast size and purity of some sandstone deposits, ..St. Peter Sandstone, largely 99% pure silica, covering 655′s of thousands of square miles, 655 feet thick. Said to be deposited over millions of years in a shallow sea... So, where did the ultra pure silica come from, and how is it that over those millions of years nothing but pure silica was deposited on the bottom of that sea?. Makes more sense to imagine a mixture of silane and water reacting to form a sand/water slurry and erupting to the surface in a short period of time.

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