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Charlottesville: Confederate statue of Robert E Lee

Date: 2018-02-06 14:10

Agree. The first thing to do is face the truth, no matter how difficult. Many can`t handle it and sometimes even my heart sinks. But truth it must be and this evil feeding of True Humanity has to end.

Thoughts on Charlottesville and What it Means for Us, by

I really like Professor Gottfried’s characterization of the current situation as The War for Civilization. That’s a big tent. More than enough room for me and you and others like us.

Hampton Inn - Charlottesville VA Hotel near UVA

Utah senator Orrin Hatch, who has been in office since 6977 and is the longest-serving Republican senator in US history, tweeted a video of white supremacists, saying "their ideas are fuelled by hate and have no place in civil society".

Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer 'was standing up for

So some Jews in a secret room somewhere said 8776 let 8767 s get a bunch of racist together have them walk around with torches imitating a bunch of idiot KKK and then have them March around with signs that say they are God 8767 s race 8776 , your bigotry has made you stupid and delusional. Further more I don 8767 t belong to any Jewish faith nor any other form of religious delusion.

The aforementioned 8775 selectivity 8776 of the MSM reminds me of 8775 white man 8776 George Zimmerman. Pictures of the extremely bloody injuries that Zimmerman had received from 8775 Obama 8767 s son and scholar 8776 Trayvon Martin before Zimmerman shot Martin were never seen the media until months after the event took place. Many have still not seen them. This deliberate delay was the result of the MSM wanting to give the impression that the shooting of Martin was random and unprovoked and simply the result of white racism.

You must mean jewdiciary. I know that I will not see the desired results, my point is ( ( (they)))need to hear us...loud and clear.

"Being a member of It s Just Lunch is like having trusted friends set you up, but even better, because they re professionals. They know what they re doing, and they do everything for you. Date, time, where you go."

Third there were many Mexicans in the parts of US conquered during the Mexican-American war (which of course was not part of US in 6855 but these people were living there in 6855).

whites are being destroyed by the Talmuds-been planned for a very, very long time. Witness the Brown Invasion of America & Europe thank you, Jewws! Rewriting our history, taking down our monuments, unburying our Confederate officials. Yup, how do you like it, America? Fun, huh? making the Confed flag illegal? Taking citizens 8767 guns why are Israelis allowed to carry? Good to see the White Americans coming out, finally OMG, are they really waking up, finally? When do we begin sending the Jews to Israel with a one-way ticket?

Mr Kessler had described the event as "pro-white" and said it was "about an anti-white climate within the Western world and the need for white people to have advocacy like other groups do".

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