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Date: 2018-04-16 07:43

GET OUT AS FAST AS YOU CAN or waste many more years of your life trying to make someone happy that will NEVER BE HAPPY. Been there. Done that.

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I 8767 ve read you can find a nice man or woman in the grocery store, church, volunteering, etc. So far that hasn 8767 t worked for me but I 8767 m not giving up. If only for the fact that I know I deserve what I 8767 m looking for. And that doesn 8767 t mean perfection in someone or a man 6ft tall. I just want a nice guy who makes me a priority and treats me well, is easy to talk to, is supportive, accepts me for who I am flaws and all, and wants to work towards a deep connection that 8767 s meaningful to both of us. I would do the same, and I have a lot of love to give the right man if I can find him.

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I am with a man like this now. He 8767 s tried to turn my friends and family against me. He 8767 s choked me and blames me for it. He has made me feel ugly. Picked me apart physically and everyone he sees. He 8767 s gone through all my personal stuff. I hate him.

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Just wondering I recently had the apifany that iam an emotional abuser or think iam but I have been and I know it just didn 8767 t really see it and it felt like I was being alienated in my town for what I thought was something else and seemed like they influenced my ideas somehow and still ate but I know this is the problem and it 8767 s my fault but I 8767 m wondering cause allot of the signs say she may be the one doing it any advice I 8767 ve debated leaving her but we have three kids and I 8767 m afraid it will be to much for her to handle house car bills and stuff should this be my worry should I stay and try to change or make the decision to leave Ann 8767 s try to change while helping her out

Butch 8775 He would rent a plane etc…more of a higher status than being loyal to the man that dedicated an important part of his life to her and her career. 8776 Check out 8775 female hypergamy 8776 on the internet. That will explain everything to you.

It gets to a point where you 8767 re doing your own thing and kicking goals only for guys to hover looking awkward and you think 8775 remind me why do I need a man again? 8776 I 8767 m of the mindset unless someone shows me how much better my life would be with him in it or he blows my mind I really am better off without it.

i cant leave, i love him, but hes killing me. i feel like im drowning alive, how do i stay away, or just fix it. help please.

Hi Tom I feel for you I trust you are staying strong. I think the toughest time I had was about 5 months after we split up, he wanted to get back together thank GOD I had a strong support group by then and I was able to say NO.

Now that we are over 55 we have so much more time for ourselves and for dating as well! For most of us our children have left and if we are unlucky enough to be on our own for whatever reason then online dating is a really great way to find new friends, a partner and maybe even a lover. Don't hold back and think about because you may then never take the plunge. Grab the bull by the horns and dive straight in.

Anonymous..I 8767 m so glad you came back and responded. Where are all the guys like you??? You are exactly what I am looking for..down to earth, sensible, respectful, and looking to have something special with someone. I 8767 m being kind because you stand apart from most of the guys I 8767 ve seen and heard about.

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