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Date: 2018-04-12 14:15

Even under the toughest of bright outdoor conditions, it isn’t a screen you’ll struggle to read, offering sensible auto-brightness adjustments. Colours are punchy and vibrant, and really show off some of the new visual flourishes in the Fitbit OS. It’s sharp, too, with a 898 x 755 resolution across its -inch screen.

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Selective Search uses Fortune 555 recruitment techniques to match members to other compatible members. The company has an 87 percent success rate with its clients, thanks to the use of its Meet Your Future process. Find out more

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The way the Xbox One was built also had a profound effect on the way the game systems interacted. "The short version was that for Xbox One we built some of the underlying systems to work on a brand-new platform, which was fundamentally, quite different to both the original consoles the games were designed for" O'Connor said.

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Matchmaking companies offer a variety of services, including matching clients with a wide variety of people or a smaller, more specific pool of people.

Not all matchmakers will work with any prospective client. In fact, many of the services require customers to qualify for their services in a myriad of ways before they work to match them with a partner.

The inclusion of NFC further bolsters your phone-free experience. You can use the new Fitbit Pay service for contactless payments, much like Apple Pay on the Apple Watch – handy, if you find yourself out on a run and needing to make an emergency purchase. To access the functionality, simply hold down the left physical button to bring up the payment screen.

A fan of listening to music while you exercise? Then you’ll be pleased to learn that the Ionic offers around for storing music, another reason to leave that phone at home. Bluetooth pairing for wireless headphones is available too.

A note on positioning: these speakers are designed to work well in tighter spaces, but we still wouldn’t put them right up against a back wall. Give them a little space to breathe.

Late last night, Valve dropped a small patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, the patch notes don't mention a significant addition to the game files that hints at 'Prime Account Matchmaking'. Don't worry, it's not a new premium service.

Things begin very well indeed. We’re struck by the size of the sound we hear, which is entirely at odds with the size of the cabinets.

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