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Jewish Speed Dating in Manhattan, NYC

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And we are told by these Bible-Butchering-Bombastic-Bonehead Pastors-Preachers who go out IN PUBLIC, on ., that people are supposed TO SUPPORT the murderous, international criminal ZIONIST STATE OF ISRAEL - that 8766 True Christians 8767 aren 8767 t supposed TO PRAY to the MOTHER OF JESUS????

“Russian Girls Are All Whores” – Return Of Kings

8775 He went home again, and once more such a crowd collected that they could not even have a meal. When HIS RELATIVES heard of this, they set out TO TAKE CHARGE OF HIM, CONVINCED HE WAS OUT OF HIS MIND! 8776

Was the Russian Revolution Jewish? - The Jerusalem Post

I 8767 ll have you know that it was OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST Himself Who approached me with His Offer/Invitation to become an ORDAINED PRIEST in His Church Militant here on earth.

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and God the Father 8767 s Own DIVINE SON pronounced His Divine Words for all of us members of the Human Race in Luke 77:69-75
http:///passage/?search=luke%7577:69-75& version=NIV

Simeon of Jerusalem is identified with one of the prophets and teachers in Antioch named 8775 Simeon, who was called Niger 8776 in Acts 68:6.

That place cracks me up, you have a guy like McCartney now, tows the liberal communist socialists line (a greedy Scottish one at that, right, Marx said distribute your wealth?).

Overall, there appears to me to be more to dissuade a Western man from marrying a Russian woman than there is to commend it, at least in generic, abstract, non-particular-example terms. It 8767 s a cultural gulf that will put your patience through the mill.

So you end up with millions and millions of disillusioned, useful idiots, and zombies, waiting for Big Daddy Zionist to give them their next thought, on even the most simple things.

As a former Catholic, I beleive that the Protestant Christians are correct. There is no salvation through the Catholic church, the sacraments, eucharist, pope or Mary. The only guarantee from the Roman church is purgatory, which no one knows if you ever get out of and is very similar to hell.

Listen to Benjamin Freedman, an ex-Zionist Jew from the 75th Century, that converted to Christianity. He EXPOSED many of their lies, he explains their 8776 Zionist Jew Scam. 8776

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