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Date: 2018-04-08 09:53

[ ] The traditional definition of masculinity breaks down into things that you do, rather than being part of who you are, which makes it fragile and unstable. While traditional femininity is defined by inherent states — the ability to give birth, for example — traditional masculinity is defined by actions. A man, for example, is a provider to his family. He’s dominant, often violent. He’s strong. He’s tough. He shows few emotions besides stoicism or anger. But because manhood is based on deeds rather than an something intrinsic to one’s sex, it means that it’s something that can be taken away from you. [ ]

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as I ve noticed that men are far more likely to be chivalrous to pretty women than to ones who are old, pregnant, or otherwise possibly in need of the assistance.

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It was another reminder of how far I’ve come and the accomplishments I’ve already made. I don’t blame these types of guys who didn’t receive the proper education or weren’t given the resources to be accepting of non-binary people. When meeting these men, remind yourself that they’re not the one for you, and it has nothing to do with you doing anything wrong—it’s just about their own ignorance. 

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heaven6976kierark said: My question is about Kit. He seems to be fitting in with the Shadowhunters well (which is great!) however I wanna know if Church is gonna take a special liking to Kit? Maybe he already did and I missed it, but since Kit is a Herondale I just wondered?

I 8767 m glad to hear that, Toni. I have a few trans clients and they have psychologically suffered a lot but through my meditation trainings they have reached a state of inner contentment and are even off their anti-depressant meds. I wish them the very best.


The fact Michael Cera still has a career suggests that the clueless dork who gets the girl movies are still being made. Granted in those same movies nerds are portrayed as even more clueless dorks who are stick thin and laughed at for being so but lets ignore that.

If you re going to try to claim that it is right and/or logical to like tradition for tradition s sake, no there isn t.

Sure, every woman can decide whether or not she finds a man masculine (and of course, whether she is interested in a man regardless of her opinion of his degree of masculinity). But I believe Nona is saying that being a man not actually something that has to be earned through any particular behaviors or qualities, it s based on any given man s determination of who he is and how he fits into his gender.

I mean, I m sure lots of people would have lots to say about my standards, but I tend to perceive a couple s love life as great when *both* people are happy and fulfilled.

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