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The timing was too coincidental too be anything but withdrawal. If anything it’s taught me a lesson to pass on: be careful, be responsible. You’re taking Seroxat to help you control your life, don’t let it control you.

Going to School With Social Anxiety Disorder

Instead of allowing the anxiety to rile you up, take a moment to calm down. Remind yourself that the anxiety most likely isn’t about you. You’re not the source of it. It’s about your partner.

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Some sufferers find hypnotherapy beneficial in helping to reduce their worries surrounding social anxiety related blushing. A course of hypnotherapy can sometimes help individuals to keep calm in trigger situations and learn to adopt a more relaxed and positive mental attitude through the use of methods such as positive suggestion and visualisation.

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Several studies have demonstrated the efficacy of exposure-based therapies for anxiety disorders, a finding that is summarized in several published meta-analyses. 75,76 st 77 examined the effects of single-session in vivo exposure (that lasts 6 to 8 hours) for patients with specific phobias. At posttreatment follow-up (after an average of 9 years), 95% of these patients still had significant reduction in fear, avoidance, and overall level of impairment and 65% no longer had a specific phobia.

SA remains an important part of my life. I am interested in studying SA to find ways to neutralise it, and I have started working with SA people in one-to-one sessions, where I use a variety of techniques which can help explore and resolve the social anxiety.

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While antidepressants and other doctor-prescribed mood-altering drugs are generally bad for you, there are legal, over-the-counter supplements you can take that will ease your social anxiety. If used properly, certain supplements can naturally lower your anxiety levels and put your mind at ease. For example, one of the most effective supplements for reducing anxiety is Limitless Brain. It contains eight natural nootropic ingredients, including l-theanine, huperzine A, and sulbutiamine, designed to lower your anxiety levels and improve your health in a natural fashion.

When did you decide to get help? Where did you look for it? I found help through the Internet. I was actually looking up anxiety for someone else when I discovered the term Social Anxiety and recognised the experiences being described. This was a major help, and the beginning of my recovery. This was 7 years ago and since then I have made tremendous progress. Realising that I had a recognised problem helped me to stop blaming myself totally for being the 'weird' and 'stupid' person I thought myself to be.

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