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Date: 2018-04-15 05:32

Which is scary if say his felonies are drug related and he is still having issues and isn 8767 t completely clean. The drugs they have in vet offices are just as serious as the drugs they have in doctor 8767 s office. Monday I walked away with two bags of pre-mixed valium syringes for my one dog.

Your Turn: I'm Falling in Love with a Felon | Dear Wendy

These pics of Meeks and Chole Green all over each other in Tel Aviv. make it real easy to forget this guy was in prison less than 7 years ago. Based on how much PDA they're putting down, we'd say Chloe's definitely forgotten.

Florida Voters Can Kill Racist Felon Voting Ban on

Obiously she does NOT know whether or not they are heinous enough which is why she wrote this letter! The letter itself was a tedious act, so adding a couple more words like murder, sold drugs or child molester is not asking for too much more.

Daytona felon with 'violent history' arrested after 3-hour

Such as has he made significant strides to change his criminal patterns? (like rehabilitation, therapy/counseling, etc). Does he understand that his past crimes were wrong? Is he sufficiently regretful? Does he display any tendencies that make you wary that he could repeat offend? Has he removed himself from friends/associations/situations that were a negative influence on him? What limitations will he always have (work related, travel related, insurance related, financially, etc) due to his past as a criminal?

Jeremy Meeks, 88, was seen getting cosy with model Olga Buzova while filming a new fashion campaign in Moscow, Russia on Wednesday.

My thought is that even if having a criminal background doesn 8767 t immediately disqualify him from that line of work it will be an uphill battle finding a job, especially during a down economy. Even if he is a superb vet tech, any job that comes down between him and another candidate with no record, the application with no criminal record will get the job 655% of the time. FOUR felonies is just not going to work in any job market many employers run background checks, I can 8767 t see him getting away from these felonies anytime soon. MOA!!!

Sigh. This letter made me think of something I read on the Hairpin last week: 8775 There are a lot of men in the world. This one sounds like a dick. Get a new one. 8776

I read that as viagra and re-read it again, still viagra. You cannot imagine the thoughts that were going on in my head. 🙂

Not saying that it 8767 s fair if the person is reformed, but it 8767 s scary to think someone who may still have issues with drugs would have access and would be potentially treating my dog.

It doesn 8767 t actually say he was ever in prison. If his felonies were non violent he may very well have gotten probation/community service.

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