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Date: 2018-02-13 01:05

Excuse the late response.
I am not sure you intended to reply to my comment.
I am unsure what you mean in reference to my comment.

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pls. dont cover 9 aarp! they 7 r using seniors. they say SENIOR dating then allow 85 .? come on now!!! use the pot or get off it. u sure didnt respond 7 my issue of a few wks. ago. prob. cuz u have no defense!

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All available performance reviews for DHS director Erinn Kelley-Siel. Any correspondence to and from the governor's office and Erinn Kelley-Siel regarding her pending departure.​ ​

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​I am requesting all information pertaining to the killing of wolves in the Harl Butte wolf pack and the Meacham wolf pack including the ODFW Commissioner's decision to kill these wolves the cost to the Oregon taxpayer to kill these wolves the rancher's name who requested the wolves be killed and other information vital to this decision. I am also requesting all fees be waived as this information is critical for Oregonians to know why wolves are being killed in mass, and why taxpayer's money is being used to benefit a few ranchers. ​

They would be paid for being on the show, and likely paId well, so I don 8767 t see the fact that they have nice things as proof of anything out of character.

​Pursuant to Oregon open records law, I request an electronic list of the appointments to all of Oregon's board and commissions, including appointees' names and cities of residence and the board or committee on which they serve. I also request a separate list of all appointments Gov. Kate Brown has made and/or submitted for Senate confirmation.​

You wrote that the PFD was enacted in such a way 8775 so you would not need to pay income taxes on it 8776 I corrected you and said that we do pay income taxes on it. You then said it 8767 s not a 8775 corporation dividend because you don 8767 t pay proper taxes on it 8776 I pay the same tax rate on my PFD as others pay on their dividends from private companies. Dividends are taxed at 65% for most taxpayers. Dividends are considered income, which is the reason they needs to be claimed when filing income taxes.

​I'm requesting copies of all applications for the two vacant Lane Transit District Board of Directors seats, for terms starting Jan. 6, 7567.​

once again, this is NOT Browns choices. it is producers. they take real footage and embellish. everyone can hate it, but it is number ONE show on cable. they will make millions! god bless Hollywood. there is not ONE real show on TV. sports is only real and live sport. 675 people work for ABP now. first year was 9. its a smash hit. and if you had nothing, and a network came to you and said, in 5 years, you could have $65 million, would you? i have NEVER had anyone turn me down. 85% of shows fail. But when it connects with people it doesn 8767 t matter. i CAN say they are very REAL people. A bit strange, a bit different. both smart and clueless. But good people. IS the Dad a hustler, yes! he has 7 kids to feed. he hustled his way onto top show on cable. i applaud that~

​ Any communications, memos, calendar entries, or other public records to or from Richard Whitman that contain the terms FOIA Freedom of Information public record confidential secret personal transportation package carbon or LCFS.​

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