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Date: 2018-02-07 01:05

Good fairy tale for the night about the cat ...
A young cat named Angus. Looking for his beautiful half. Soon Valentine's Day and Angus would like to find his half. That he is not alone. Maybe somewhere there is a young witch who needs such a familiar urgently. Assistant for witchcraft 👿🐱⁉
Or a real princess who needs a warrior knight in black armor. 👸🐱⁉
Or a romantic French biologist student? Who is looking for a true friend, who grumble in her ear? 👧🐱⁉
Some about LV'S Angus. He is 5 months old, and ready to see this beautiful big world. He likes playing. And good eating.
Ladies! And what eyes he has! Keep your heart in the lock.
If you think that you are half of our Angus, write us via Direct.


Dear friends! On the 8th of February we are going to meet at 20:00 (so late only once this Thursday, sorry) and discuss mystery. If you want to come, let us know writing +1.
Join our club and have a nice chat!
Here are the questions for reflection:
1. Have you ever experienced something you couldn't explain?
2. Can you tell a mystery connected with your childhood?
3. Have you ever felt that something had happened to you before?
4. Why do some people need fortune-tellers?
5. What is mysterious for you?
6. Have you ever known that something was going to happen before it did?



Willem van Aelst?

Do you know that name?

Probably not, unless you were an art student.

Yet, if you are fascinated by what the eye can see, this 17th century Dutch still-life painter is an acquaintance you will be pleased to make.

In this brief video, to the backdrop of sacred baroque musick by Antonio Vivaldi, you will delight to behold some of the world's greatest painted masterworks.